How do I access the 21-Day Challenge Training Videos?

How do I access the 21-Day Challenge Training Videos?

You can watch the videos as they happen in the Facebook group or watch them on replay in the facebook group.  

Look for the file in the challenge group that contains the "Quick Links."

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    • When is the next training call?

      Inside your Members Area, you will see every single date and time for the training calls for all 21 days of the challenge! There is also a "Schedule & Quick Links" File in the Challenge Facebook Group. This will have a list of dates and times for ...
    • How long do I have access to the 21-Day training?

      You have access for a total of 45 days, beginning at the start of the 21 Day Challenge. 
    • Help, I cannot find the trainings in the back office!

      All of the trainings (except one) will be in the Challenge Facebook Group.  Go to the Facebook Group at the designated time, and the training will be marked as an Announcement. If you are accessing the training after it has concluded you can utilize ...
    • When will I get my challenge bundle?

      All Challenge Bundles will be shipped out within 3 Business Days, unless a shipping exception is listed below. Shipping Time: NO DELAYS!  All bundles shipped inside the United States are sent via Priority Mail. This can take between 2 to 4 business ...
    • I’m not seeing when Natasha goes live for trainings in the Challenge Facebook Group.

      Step #1.  Please go to your Member's Area or the Files section in the Facebook group and calendar all of the dates and time of the live training calls. Step #2.  When you are in the group when Natasha goes LIVE, you will have an option to be notified ...