What is a Membership Back Office?

What is a Membership Back Office?

This is the area of the website (also referred to as your Member's Area) where you can access all the materials you need for the challenge, along with the first assignment and a list of the dates and times for all the trainings.

There is a digital copy of the “Unstoppable Influence" there for download and also the "Unstoppable Influence Companion Workbook” that you can download and print off.

Your Back Office will also provide a link for the Challenge Facebook Group, a link to subscribe to Limitless Lucy, and a link to register for the Webinar.

To access this area you create an account using the SAME email account you registered with for the challenge.

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    • Help, I cannot find the trainings in the back office!

      All of the trainings (except one) will be in the Challenge Facebook Group.  Go to the Facebook Group at the designated time, and the training will be marked as an Announcement. If you are accessing the training after it has concluded you can utilize ...
    • I can't see the challenge information in my back office

      If you have registered for the back office and can not see the information for the challenge, one of 2 things has likely happened. #1. You either misspelled your email when you purchased or registered for your membership access OR #2. You registered ...
    • How do I register for the Web Class?

      There is a link to register for the web class in your Membership Back office under the Training Tab.
    • How do I find my assignments?

      On the Assignments tab in your back office, you will find the link to submit your first assignment, which is announced on Day #2 of the Challenge.  Please Note: Natasha does not give out an assignment every day.  The assignment form is updated after ...
    • Where do I go to download my copy of the Unstoppable Influence digital workbook?

      To download your copy of the Unstoppable Influence Companion Workbook, you will need to log into your member back office. On the Welcome Tab, you will see the button to download the PDF.