What are the Coaching Guidelines for UI Academy?

What are the Coaching Guidelines for UI Academy?

  1. You will have two (2) 30-Minute Private Coaching calls per month with a coach of your choice. Because our Coaches frequently are booked back to back, your call must end on time. So make sure that you have a strong internet connection and are ready to go.

  2. Please do not wait to book your calls until the final week of the month, as these Private Coaching calls are a “Use-it OR Lose-it” - and you don’t want to “Lose-it”!!

  3. If your Academy membership for the following month is paid, you may begin to book your coaching call for the next month starting on the 25th of the current month. So for example, you can book your February coaching calls beginning on January 25th. Any calls booked prior to the 25th of the month for a subsequent month will be immediately cancelled.

  4. If you are late for your coaching call, your Coach will stay in the Zoom Room for the first 10 minutes. Please note that the call will end on time, so if you are late, your call will be shorter. There is no “make up time”. 

  5. No Show or cancellations within 48 hours forfeit the monthly credit. We have this policy because this has prevented another member of the academy of getting that time slot. The only exception to the 48 hour rule is for a medically documented emergency for yourself or an immediate family member. If your first choice coach isn’t available, choose another. Know that there is a REASON you will meet with the coach you meet with in any given month.

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