I'm behind...what should I do?

I'm behind...what should I do?

Step #1.  Stop saying your behind!  Divine timing is perfect timing. You are where you need to be.

Step #2.  Start with Challenge Day #1 and do the assignment, then move to the next day at your own pace. Lather, Rinse, Repeat until you complete the whole challenge.

Step #3. If you really want another go at the Challenge, you can always register for the next challenge (and get the special Alumni gift!)
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    • When is the next training call?

      Inside your Members Area, you will see every single date and time for the training calls for all 21 days of the challenge! There is also a "Schedule & Quick Links" File in the Challenge Facebook Group. This will have a list of dates and times for ...
    • How do I access the 21-Day Challenge Training Videos?

      You can watch the videos as they happen in the Facebook group or watch them on replay in the facebook group.   Look for the file in the challenge group that contains the "Quick Links."
    • What time is the next training call in my time zone?

      If you're not sure how to convert CENTRAL Time (CT) to your time zone, use this super handy time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
    • Help, I cannot find the trainings in the back office!

      All of the trainings (except one) will be in the Challenge Facebook Group.  Go to the Facebook Group at the designated time, and the training will be marked as an Announcement. If you are accessing the training after it has concluded you can utilize ...
    • How do I register for the Web Class?

      There is a link to register for the web class in your Membership Back office under the Training Tab.