How do I download the app?

How do I download the app?

Download the App by going HERE.  You will be able to put in your phone number (don't forget the dashes) and we'll text you the link to download the app right to your phone!   (Don't worry, your phone number is only being used for the purpose of sending you this link!)  

💡 TIP💡 Put the app near your most commonly used Social Media apps!   

This is the place you can go for inspiration, support, confidence and skills– no drama, politics or bickering!  You’ll want to spend your relaxing “scroll” time with us because this is the place you can be certain will inspire you and help you grow so you can make a greater impact in the world!

Once you download the app, you want to get to your specific Mighty Network (Our Gathering Table) and sign in a second time. Here's a quick tutorial:

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Select the option to "Find a Mighty Network" and search for Our Gathering Table™. You'll be prompted to sign in. 

After your first visit, the app will remember you and Our Gathering Table™ until you sign out! 🥳