I can't see the challenge information in my back office

I can't see the challenge information in my back office

If you have registered for the back office and can not see the information for the challenge, one of 2 things has likely happened.

#1. You either misspelled your email when you purchased or registered for your membership access OR
#2. You registered for the back office with a different email than the one you provided when you purchased your challenge entry.

To fix this issue:
Step 1. Check to ensure that you have used the EXACT email address you used to purchase your challenge entry. (Hint: Your receipt for the challenge purchase went to this email address)  The system tracks valid users by their email address and if the system does not find a matching email, you won't be able to see the content.  

Step 2. If you have tried to sign up for your membership site with the exact same email, and you still can't see the information inside the back office, then there is likely a typo in your email address at the time of purchase.   Please fill out a Support Ticket for Tech Support and provide us with your name and your correct email address.

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